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FACT: Under Nikki Haley, South Carolina is one of the hardest places to make a living. [,  4/1/13]


FACT: Under Nikki Haley South Carolina is one of the toughest places to achieve the American Dream.  [Pew Center on the States, 5/10/12]


FACT: South Carolina has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country, and has for the past decade. [BLS]


FACT: Under Nikki Haley, South Carolina had the second-worst May in the last 10 years for jobs.  [Brevard Times, 6/21/13]


FACT: Nikki Haley received $15,000 from a Georgia fundraiser prior to a port deal she engineered that gave Savannah an economic edge over Charleston and the state of South Carolina. [Post and Courier, 11/24/11]


FACT: Nikki Haley played politics instead of creating 44,000 jobs by bringing taxpayer dollars back to SC to expand access to health care. [USC Moore School of Business Report, December 2012]



FACT: Nikki Haley waited more than 2 weeks to inform 6.4 million consumers and businesses in South Carolina that they were at risk for identity theft because their tax information had been hacked and stolen under her watch. [The State, 1/4/13]

FACT: Nikki Haley’s administration kept a TB outbreak at a public school secret for two months while dozens of children were recklessly exposed to tuberculosis. [The State, 7/19/13]

FACT: Nikki Haley had to reimburse the state $9,500 for ethics violations after she used the state plane for political purposes. She continues to misuse the state plane, flying campaign staff 43 times in one year [Associated Press, 10/8/12]  [The State, 5/16/2013]

FACT: Nikki Haley cannot explain $40,000 worth of lobbying income she received as a state representative and why she failed to disclose it. ” [WACH, 3/29/11] “[CNN, 6/21/10]”” [Savannah Morning News, 4/26/12]

FACT: Nikki Haley has deleted emails, failed to provide official emails, and refused to disclose 10 years of tax returns to the public. [AP, 12/26/11],  ‘[The State, 7/21/10]

FACT:The House Ethics Committee has repeatedly looked into complaints against Gov. Nikki Haley for illegally lobbying while she was in the state House.  [The State, 5/31/12]


FACT: Under Nikki Haley public colleges have some of the highest tuition in South.  [The State, 7/13/13]


FACT: Nikki Haley was silent on public education while her administration staunchly opposed expanding 4-year-old kindergarten. [The State, 2/9/13]


FACT: Under Nikki Haley, students are not making the grade and are falling further behind the rest of the country. [NAEP South Carolina Report Card]


FACT: Under Nikki Haley, South Carolina has one of the worst public school graduation rates in the country. [Education Week 2012 Diplomas Count]


FACT: Under Nikki Haley, South Carolina lags behind in graduate retention. [The State, 9/3/12]